Heart Sisters Fall Workshop Calendars

We have been planning and preparing our upcoming fall schedule of classes and crops at Heart Sisters Scrapbooking Events with you in mind and just finalized our fall line of workshops and crops.

We are so excited to continue to offer our popular Project Life, Made in Minutes, Soldering and Photography classes.  We have also added mini crops, Vintage Halloween and Christmas Mini Album Classes and a Christmas Recipe Album.  

September classes will open up this weekend for sign ups.  You won't want to miss all the fun, creativity and friendships that are made.

So grab a few friends and register early to reserve your spots!

Hope to see you in the classroom!

Made in Minutes

The kids are all back in school, so let's celebrate! 

Join us for Dana's Made in Minutes class on Monday, August 29th from 6-8 pm.

This month, you will create 3 (2-page) layouts using Echo Park's "Party Time" collection, using various size journaling cards, vibrant pattern papers, and cardstock stickers!

The kids are all back in school, so let's celebrate! 

Join us for Dana's Made in Minutes class on Monday, August 29th from 6-8 pm.

This month, you will create 3 (2-page) layouts using Echo Park's "Party Time" collection, using various size journaling cards, vibrant pattern papers, and cardstock stickers!

Phone Photography

Did you know that you can create beautiful photos using your phone and a few creative apps?

Photos and tips by Sheila Rumney

Photos and tips by Sheila Rumney

Camera phones have made it easy to capture moments on the go.

Photos and tips by Sheila Rumney

Photos and tips by Sheila Rumney

Here are a few tips to help you capture those moments with your phone:

  • Make sure your phone is charged and has ample storage space.
  • Have your phone at the ready so you don't have to "dig" it out of the bottom of your bag.  Pants pockets are an easy place to "store" it until needed
  • Did you know on your Iphone that you can swipe up and choose your camera icon and not even have to unlock your camera?
  • Make sure your camera lens is clean and ready to use.
  • Don't zoom in with you camera function, either get closer or crop afterwards in a photo editing feature.

I hope you enjoyed some of these easy tips to get you capturing better photos.

Photography Tips - Lighting

Lighting is the key to beautiful photos.   

Photos and tips by Sheila Rumney

Photos and tips by Sheila Rumney

Here are a few lighting tips to capture beautiful photos:

  • Natural lighting is preferable to flash photography.
  • The best, complimentary lighting is shortly after sunrise or as the sun is setting.  These hours are called the golden hours.  Your subjects will have a nice warm glow around them, but won't be squinting.
Photos and tips by Sheila Rumney

Photos and tips by Sheila Rumney

  • If you decide the flash is needed, make sure to position so the shadow of the flash is hidden by the angle.
  • If you have a window nearby, leave your subject positioned by the window to take advantage of the natural light.
  • But always remember, even if lighting isn't very good and your photo is a little blurry it still can be used to tell the story.

Home Decor - Mini Art Canvas

Are you a collector of scrapbook items and vintage goodies?   These are great items to create some beautiful pieces to decorate your home.

Sheila started with a canvas base and paint gesso onto it to give it a good base.  Next, to add color to your canvas by adding Tattered Angels mists and watercolors.

Then start layering with papers, tags, beautiful embellishments to complete the piece.  So grab that canvas and start creating a little home decor project for yourself!

Photograph the Seasons

Summer is a great time to grab your camera and head outside to capture all of it's beauty.

If you are a gardener, why not capture the fruits of your labor.  It is a great way to document what worked and what didn't.  Or take a walk around a garden store and take photos of the plants you would like to add to your garden next year.

Head to the pool to capture some fun in the sun.  How about capturing the wonderful sweetness of summer by taking your camera along when are sharing a sweet ice cream treat?

So whether you are grabbing your "big girl" camera or just your camera phone, start documenting this summer season before it's gone.

Mini Quote Album

Don't you just love mini albums?  

Sheila designed this vintage inspired mini quote album with 7 Gypsies products.  By adding a little vintage goodies, ribbons and lace, this is a one-of-a kind mini quote album.  You don't always have to think big to hold your memories... Why don't you try going smaller!

Let your Creativity Bloom

Creativity comes in many forms, from the delicious dinners made with just the right amount of love, to the taking care of the garden, to creating artwork that makes your heart sing.  Let your creativity bloom... you were meant to SHINE!

Travel Journal

Who doesn't love to travel?  Whether you are traveling across the country or have a stay-cation planned this Travel Journal designed by Sheila Rumney, will the perfect spot to capture your ticket stubs, maps, photos and most of all memories!

In Sheila's vintage style, she has wonderful places to tuck in photos, make notes on journal cards and places to capture all your memories.

Using Tim Holtz's folio, vintage papers, 7 Gypsies products and vintage elements your album will be a special place to capture your life.  Seating is limited, so sign up today!

August Classes

We are so excited to be offering you creative classes to get your memories documented. 

So whether you need to scrapbook your everyday moments, celebrations or your travels, we have the class for you.  Click image to show more photos and get registered.  So grab a friend or come make new ones!  Seating is limited so reserve your space now.  

Photography Tips

Today we are sharing more photography tips...

Whether you are shooting with your DSLR or camera phone, lightening is the key to taking great photos.  Be an observer of the light this weekend...  Look for how the light falls at different times of the day.  Where are the shadows being cast?  How long are the shadows?

The golden hours are those hours right as the sun is rising and setting.   Golden hours give your subjects a warm, soft glow.   Think natural suntan.

Would you like to learn more about photography?  Join Sheila as she shares some of her secrets in capturing those beautiful photos in her workshop Photography:  The Art of Expression.


She will be sharing her tips in capture those artistic photos.   Whether you have a DSLR or camera phone, we will be going out and shooting photos at a nearby park.  

Hope to see you in class!

Summer Time Photo A Day

Summer is a special time when the kids are off school, families are going on vacations and the days are longer to allow more outside fun time.  Don't forget to capture the summer fun memories this year.  Below is a great way to help you remember to take those pictures.

Whether you have your "big girl" camera (DSLR) or your camera phone... grab it on your way out to capture all those memories.  

It's a Wrap - Upcoming Classes Announced

It's a wrap... That is our Snap, Crackle, Crop this past weekend.  It was a huge success with many wonderful croppers creating the weekend away and at the crop we announced more creative classes to inspire you...

Here are just some of the workshops coming up the next several weeks...

This Thursday, July 28th, Sheila will be sharing Basics of Soldering.


Learn how to solder.  We will be discussing the supplies that it will take to get started, then move into simple techniques of soldering. There will be images to choose from to create one-of-a-kind charms to add to your charm bracelet or necklace.   After this class you will be able to take what you learn and make additional charms and soldering projects.  Come join us on Thursday, July 28th from 6  - 8 pm.



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Tuesday, August 2nd, Sheila is back teaching Photography: The art of Expression.


Do you ever wonder how a photographer capture that dreamy picture?  Would you like to capture stunning photos that capture those precious family moments, the stunning beauty of nature and make them shine in your photo albums and in social media?  Guess what?  This can all be done by mastering manual mode!   This workshop we will go out to a nearby park and learn to capture photos that express your own unique style.   

Sheila will be sharing her tips and tricks on lighting and how to create dreamy photos with those blurry backgrounds.  Learn different angles and ways to capture more creative photos.  Bring your camera and tripod (if you have one) and come create some fantastic photos on Tuesday, August 2nd from 6:00 - 8:00 pm.

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Then Dana's popular Project Life class is filled with fun, bright colors...


Join Dana for another Project Life class - getting your memories documented and your photos into an album! We will be using a new, exclusive kit from Elle's Studio to create filler and journaling cards for another month!

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We also have more upcoming classes... Just check out our schedule!!

Hope to see you in class!!

Invest in Yourself

How do you take the time to invest in yourself?  There are so many areas of your life to invest in.  this is so important, especially for all the moms out there that constantly giving to their children.  So whether that is reading for personal development, going to the gym, spending time in reflection, enjoying a manicure or taking a creative class, schedule some time today to invest in yourself. You can afford it. trust me!


Photography Tips - Stay Focused and Steady

We are sharing more photography tips to help you capture you those special moments in your life.  Whether you are behind your big girl camera (DSLR) or behind your camera phone trying to capture those special photos, one of the first tips is to stay focused and steady.

Sometimes when I am out in public, I want to take the photo quickly because someone is waiting for me or I just feel nervous about taking that extra time to get myself steady and focused before clicking. Take that extra time to get study and focused, even if it means getting on the ground or above the subject to capture that special moment.

You will not regret taking that extra time that might cause a little embarrassment, when you capture that special moment with clear, crisp images that capture the moment. 

Now with many people taking photos for social media, I realize that most people are more acceptable of the extra time it might take to capture your life's memories.

Would you like to learn more about capturing those dreamy photos and creating stunning photos that capture those precious moments?  

Sheila will show you how this all can be done by mastering manual mode in her upcoming class, Photography: The Art of Expression, on Tuesday, August 2nd from 6:00 - 8:00 pm.  She will be sharing her tips and tricks on lighting and how to create dreamy photos with those blurry backgrounds.  Learn different angels and ways to capture more creative photos.   Click here to find out more about this workshop.  





Do you like to create wearable art and home decor?

Sheila will be teaching Basics of Soldering on Thursday, July 28th, where she will be discussing the supplies need to get you started and then move into the easy techniques of soldering.  You will be creating a few soldered charms to add to a bracelet or necklace.   These easy techniques can be applied to other home decor projects.  

Grab a friend and have a fun evening learning a new craft.  Seating is limited so register today.

Heart Sisters Scrapbooking Events Studio

Welcome to the newly updated our studio.  We are joining Where Bloggers Create linky party, so grab a cool refreshment and come on in....

We are so glad that you are here to see our new creative space where we have classes and crops.

We have comfortable chairs, roomy tables and an outlet at every work space.  So whether you need to plug in your phone, hot glue gun or computer you will be charged and ready to get creative!

We also have this great TV screen that we can use for workshops to see photos of the projects and slide shows.

There are tools and punches to use...

And beautiful kits to help you scrapbook your memories easily.  Each come with instructions and color photos.

Inspiration is found everywhere...

Bright, fun colors just make you want to create!


Creative projects, past and upcoming classes are displayed.

If you are in the Kansas City area, we hope to see you at one of our workshops or crops.  Click here for our upcoming schedule.   

If you love our space, let us know.  We would love to hear from you.

Graduation Layout

Graduation is such a wonderful time to celebrate all their accomplishments and start thinking of there new journey to college, trade school or work force.  Have you taken the time to get your graduate scrapbooked?  

Layout created by Sheila Rumney

Layout created by Sheila Rumney

The above layout focuses on her son's next journey to college using the 7 Gypsies and Canvas Corp Brands product lines.  

Are you  new to scrapbooking or just want to create more pages to put in your albums?  Why not check out our upcoming Made in Minutes or Project Life classes.  Hope you take time to document your life.